You Can Sleep Better – control those thoughts to get to sleep quicker

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00.00     Introduction
00.13     Worrying about getting to sleep
00.33     An NLP ‘visual’ tip for getting to sleep quicker
01.57     An NLP tip for dealing with bed time internal chatter
02.43     Summary of the tips

Are you one of those people who goes to bed and immediately starts thinking.

The mind starts going at 100 miles an hour, and then you have difficulty going to sleep. Soon after that you begin worrying about not being able to get to sleep, and it just gets worse and worse and worse.

The end result, you eventually drop off but in the morning tend to wake tired, sometimes exhausted.

Well, here’s another tip of how to break that poor sleep cycle and have effective sleep.

I’m Alan Patching.

Have you noticed that when you’re thinking things over and ruminating about problems when your lying in bed at night, sometime it tends to happen quiet quickly?

What you want your brain to do is ….slow down, but the more and more you tend to say ‘stop thinking like this’ and get angry with yourself, the more and more it’s likely you’ll think like that even more.

So don’t fight the way your brain’s working.  Use the martial arts approach of the eastern disciplines.

For example, in judo and karate, we know to use the force of an oncoming opponent to step out of their way and use their own force to ground them.

You can do the same with these thoughts that come in of a night.  Instead of fighting them, simply keep going with exactly the thought that’s being presented and which keeps going over and over in your mind (ruminating) and use its own force to destroy it and deconstruct it.

Here’s how to do just that.

One – if you’re thinking primarily in pictures, imagine taking the colour out of the pictures; make them fuzzy.  Let them be there, don’t fight them, but as you’re thinking about them, consciously convert them from bright and vivid colour to black and white and fuzz; and push them further away in your mind so they become smaller and smaller and therefore have less effect on the way your body’s operating as it tries to get to sleep.

If your think in sounds, and you can hear voices going and self-talk going at a million mile an hour, slow them down.

Slow that quick, chatty voice that says ‘I’ve got to do this and then I’ve got the meeting and I forgot to send that email’ so you slow it down so it becomes something r-e-a-l-l-y –d-o-z-e-y……and you speak in a voice that’s right on the borderline of yawning.  Speak so close to the yawn threshold that you actually began to yawn; that’s exactly what you want to do –  induce the yawning that tells your body it’s time to go to sleep.

So, here’s the tips again.

First – don’t fight the thoughts that are keeping you awake as you ruminate of an evening.

Next, create a new habit of falling asleep quickly by noticing the thoughts and using judo or Jujitsu on them, using their own power to deconstruct them.

Next, make the fuzzy, fuzzy, pictures of your pre-sleep thoughts even fuzzier, and push them further away.  With no colour so they can’t emotionally effect you at any great level.

Finally, if there are sounds involved in your thinking, slow them down and make them boring and lazy and sleepy.

Try these tips.

They’ve worked for many people and I know they’ll work for you, but you’ve got to put them into action for them to work.  Just thinking about them, that’s not going to cut it.

Good luck, and I’ll see you in a future edition of Transforming Mind.s

I’m Alan Patching.

Thank you for watching or reading.

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