You Can Sleep Better – and that’s essential for improved work and life performance

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Hello, welcome to Transforming Minds.

I’m Alan Patching.  In this channel of posts we’re going to be looking at the issue of sleep – so important from both a personal health and a business performance perspective.

Now, in today’s pressure-filled world, all too many people have difficulty getting to sleep, they have trouble staying asleep, and they don’t enjoy a depth of sleep that allows the immune system to recover so you can get on with healthy lifestyle everyday.

The consequence is they quite often wake in the morning tired and listless, and this gives rise to anxiety about how they’ll approach the day ahead, which in turn leads to stress throughout the day ahe- and so the cycle continues and continues.

It’s not very good for ones health at all.

The purpose of this blog is really simple.  We’re here to help you sleep better so you can enjoy life more and perform in your business much, much better.

We’re going to be looking in particular at the bad habits that lead to poor sleep so we can help you convert those into good habits that lead to great sleep.

We’ll be looking at the sleep cycle.  We’ll be looking at certain things that people do that encourage them to not be able to sleep effectively.  We’ll be looking at eating habits and drinking habits, behaviour patterns around bedtime, and behaviour patterns in the bedroom.

For example, when people go to be and just worry they can often eventually create almost an automatic trigger for going to bed and starting to worry on future occasions.

This is almost like one develops a habit of automatically stopping at a stop sign. Stopping at a stop sign can be very helpful, but starting to worry immediately when you go to bed and your head hits the pillow is not a good thing.

In fact we can cross those metaphors.  Now’s the time to see the stop sign about bed sleeping habits, and that’s what this blog post and future in this channel posts will be designed to help you do.

So if you’d like to get the information when we post a new point or two in regards to this set of ideas around the concept of better sleep for better and healthier life and better performa, just add your name to the form at the top of the page and we’ll let you know when it happens.

We’ll be posting on a fairly regular basis; probably at least once a week – so in a relatively short space of time you can be enjoying much, much better sleep and performing much better.
I look forward to joining you on future posts, for now, this is Transforming Minds.
I’m Alan Patching

Thank you for watching or reading.

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