Transforming Minds: Welcome Back!

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0.0 Introduction
0.18 Reason for blog lapsing for some time
0.50 What we’ll cover in future blogs
1.40 Research I am ‘into’ which might be of interest to you
2.36 …for therapists and helpers

Hello, I’m Alan Patching and welcome back to Transforming Minds.

I say welcome back because some of you may be new viewers of the blog and Transforming Minds was around for several months even though it’s had a break for several months.

The reason for the break – well, my family for some reason decided they would support the pension funds of the medical profession here on the Gold Coast and between my wife, my daughter and myself over the last year or so we’ve had seven individual surgeries all supporting each other.

Well, all that’s finished now, everybody is back to top health, and we are charging on regardless, so we are relaunching Transforming Minds.

We’ve got a very, very strong following and like the last time, I do apologize for the break but I’m sure you’ll understand.

We will be bringing you cutting edge information about things to do with your health associated particularly in the world of psychotherapy, the world of assistance for people who are experiencing difficulties in life. We’ll be giving you information about anxiety and what you can do to avoid it and control it and we’ll be talking about particular types of anxiety. We’ll be looking at the specific field and I’m sure this will be interesting to many of you in the months ahead, not immediately, of dealing with stress if you are undergoing IVF for pregnancy.

One of my specialty areas in my clinic is research into the management of stress and I’m doing two research programs at the moment one is into the management stress in the work place and my research is particularly in the construction work place to see what the effects of stress management are, how much is being done, what the effect of it is etc.

In a completely different field I’m researching….both of these research programs are involved with Universities…..and the second one is in the field of IVF.

What is the effect of a well structured program of stress management in helping people who have difficulty becoming pregnant with IVF, actually achieving their goals – and we’ve got some very interesting case studies to bring to you in that regard and we’ll bring you the results of the research as it goes along and I’m sure you’ll be interested in that.

So, lots of valuable information from the world of therapy for both people who are experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, phobias etc. in life, tips to help you with that, and information for those therapists and helpers who are there to extend their services to help people overcome the problems they face.

I’m glad to be back, and I’d really, really like to hear your comments on the posts as we bring them to you in the weeks and months ahead.
I look forward to seeing you on our first content post, which will be in just a few days time. But for now, thanks for being back with us, I’m Alan Patching. All the best.

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