0.0 Introduction
0.10 Relationships generally
1.00 Avoiding the blame game in relationships
1.40 A product to help you enhance your relationships

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Hello, Alan Patching here with another edition of Transforming Minds.

One of the important areas of life is relationships.

Relationships are central to family, to friendships and to business success, and early on in the life of this blog some time ago I made quite I few posts in relation to relationships (pardon the pun). So, what is it about relationships that causes so much intrigue?

Well, I think it’s about human dynamics and interaction. It’s a complex thing and, even though we can make it simpler, we tend to take the path of making it more difficult than it needs to be. But even at its simplest form, there are so many complex emotions involved that things can get tricky, and from time to time we need assistance in that regard. So, if you are having difficulty in a relationship, whether it be at work or with your partner, the secret is to get intervention quickly because, if we don’t we are going to the blame game.

There’s a whole stack of fancy words for that like sublimating, projecting, displacement and all that sort of stuff, but we are building up a store of reasons why we are right in the circumstance that prevail and that other person in the relationship is wrong, and that’s not the basis from which to fix a situation.

Now, not everybody needs to be going off to be seeing a counsellor for every minor relationship problem. All relationships have their ups and downs, and I get asked so many questions about relationships and I don’t have the time to see everybody who wants to come see me and these people still need help, so I put together a program which is audio, video and e-Book based, to explain to people some of the problems that can go wrong in relationships and to give a wide range of tools for helping to resolve those relationships and to stop things getting any worse.

And you’ll see a link to that on the website in the resources page sometime in the future, for anybody who might be interested in seeing it. So, that program will be available soon, you can send me an email if you like at and I’d be happy to respond when the product comes out … useful to help you out and avoid relationship issues getting worse.

If you are having relationship problems and they’re beyond just a little bit of assistance, do yourself a favour and consult a qualified relationship counsellor. They can make a big difference to help you through the problems and back to a happy life going forward. People can sometimes say. ‘that can cost a lot of money’ – divorce can cost a lot more and losing business clients does as well. Think about that for a while.

I look forward to seeing you on another post. I hope you enjoyed this one. I’m Alan Patching … bye.

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