Weight Loss By Hypnosis

0.0 Introduction
0.10 New Behaviour Generator technique for weight loss
0.38 Hypno-Gastric Band technique – I studied it …why I don’t like it
1.05 The Orbera Balloon Medical Technique for weight loss
1.45 The Virtual Intra Gastric Balloon technique

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Alan Patching, with another edition of Transforming Minds.

I’ve got a few questions about the last blog, particular the New Behaviour Generator technique, used in reaction to weight loss.

Now, there’s no question that hypnotherapy can be quite helpful in assisting the behaviour of change. Of course, certain weight loss at certain levels requires medical supervision for sure. But the New Behaviour Generator can work.

For example, there are some hypnotherapists who’ve come up with a technique where by people imagine, very clearly, in hypnosis, that have had gastric band surgery and, after that, they eat a lot less and do experience weight loss. Now, I thought about that technique for a while, and I thought that it’s not a bad idea. However, it did involve some things I didn’t like. If people have to imagine going under ,r they have to imagine surgery, that could have a negative reaction for them and I thought, ‘that’s not a smart move’. And at that point I had read about a fairly new technique at the time, called the Orbera Balloon technique where, in real medicine, a tube would be inserted down the throat under just twilight anaesthetic or sedation – not deep anaesthetic – and would be inflated with saline solution in the stomach. So now the stomach could consume or couldn’t hold so much food before a message was sent to the brain saying it was full.

So it didn’t involve surgery, it didn’t involve clamping the stomach or anything like this. It was a different approach. And I thought, ‘well, maybe this approach has a basis in hypnotherapy’.

So I thought I’d test it with a few clients – and got some good results. So as a consequence of that, we put out a product called the Virtual Intra Gastric Balloon.

If you want to get move information on how that works, you could go to; www.weight-loss-by-hypnosis.com and you’ll find all about that technique there.

But the new behaviour generator and other hypnotherapeutic techniques can be very powerful to assist someone who’s committed to weight loss, to giving up smoking, to sleeping better and to a range of other problems.

So don’t discount psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help you with emotional problems, weight problems, and a range of other problems.

I look forward to giving you more information on another post. For now, I’m Alan Patching. Thanks for watching.

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