NLP: The Mind and Body are One

Using positive psychology for enhanced life and career

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0.0 Introduction
0.27 The mind and body are one
1.25 A far better approach to achieving what your want
2.00 Focus on what you DO want to achieve

Have you ever wondered why, if you’re playing golf or something like that, and someone makes a suggestion like “don’t hit it in the water!” – sure enough, that’s exactly where it goes. Or any life equivalent. Well, there’s a reason for it.

Hi, I’m Alan Patching, and we are here today to discuss another in our series of posts on NLP in life and business.

One of the key principles of NLP is that the mind and body are one, so if you are lining up for the golf putt or the tennis shot or the cricket shot, or something to do with business or everyday life, and you have a thought pattern that something will go wrong, that thought will create the hormone production in the hypothalamus which floods the body with chemicals, which tense the body up which creates a physical difference, or a physical change within in your body.

Simply because of the thought kicking off the neuro transmitters that cause the body feelings to change. And that very tensing up is likely to lead you to experience the very consequence that you’re fearful of experiencing.

So you think, “I can’t hit it in the water, I can’t hit it in the water, I can’t hit it in the water”. All of a sudden your body flows with the sort of neuro transmitters or chemicals that cause the muscles to tense up and when you take your shot there’s a great likelihood it’s going to go into the water.

Far better, rather than to try NOT to think of what you don’t want to achieve, to think about what you do want to achieve. Try this for example: If I say don’t think of a pink elephant, how did that work for you? With a blue tail? And a green trunk? And yellow toenails?

You see, when we say, ‘don’t do something’, we have to bring to mind the very thing we don’t want to do and in that split second, if it’s a negative thought, it can fire off the very chemicals in the body that cause the feeling you don’t want to experience.

So, therefore, it is a very important thing to focus on what you DO want to achieve.

So, the sportsmen who’s having trouble with the putt, we get them to change their focus away from not getting it in the hole, to sinking the putt. We change their focus away from not getting it in the water to landing it on the green. That positive interpretation of the goal you seek is so important, and it’s equally important to avoid the negative structure of the goals and objectives you are trying to achieve in your life and business.

Well, that’s one more tip from Transforming Minds and Transforming Business Minds.

I’m Alan Patching, We will see you next time. Take it easy.

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