NLP: Introduction

How to use NLP to enhance your life and career

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0.20 – Description of Neuro Linguistic Programming
0.31 – Uses of NLP
1.00 – We collect information through our senses
1.31 – The VAKOG of NLP
1.50 – Using NLP to improve performance

Hello, perhaps you’ve heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming but haven’t really gotten around to discovering what it can do for you. Hi, I’m Alan Patching.

And this is a first of a series of blog posts on this site concerning NLP. NLP has been called a number of things, among them:
•the software for the human brain
•a human success system
•a way of changing the way you want to be

And NLP can be used for many things:

•For changing attitudes
•for improving performance
•it can be useful in the business world,
•or in personal life,

and over the weeks and months ahead we will show you exactly how you can use NLP to enhance your performance in various aspects of your life and to enjoy a better life and career.

One of the first things about NLP is that it’s something that’s quite a simple concept even though there’s a lot of complexity in it’s techniques and the simple concept is that we pick up information with our senses. We see things, we hear things, we can touch and feel things, we taste them and we smell them. And those images that we create through those senses are stored in the brain.

What we see is stored as visual memory, what we feel and sense as kinaesthetic memory, what we smell as olfactory memory and what we taste is called gustatory memory.

So, quite often, you’ll here NLP people talking about the VAKOG and that’s just the first letter of each of the senses as they are stored: VAKOG, so that’s the VAKOG and that’s what NLP people are referring to. Now, what we are going to be looking at in the blog posts ahead is how we can use this information to change the way we think about things; to change stored memories that aren’t being very resourceful for us and indeed, to help those who work with us improve their performance as well. We will begin next week with a look at the first of some of the simple principles that make up NLP.

This is going to be one post series I know you are going to enjoy. Don’t miss it, and we will see you in Transforming Business Minds and Transforming Minds some time soon in the future to develop this concept of NLP for improving life and business.

I’m Alan Patching.

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