NLP: Behaviour Flexibility

Greater flexibility of behaviour amounts to greater chance of achieving your life ambitions

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0.0 Introduction
0.50 Build Relationship flexibility
1.22 The power of non-judgemental self-awareness
2.00 Charles Darwin and flexibility

Having trouble with some of your relationships with work or within everyday life? There’s a way to over come that.

Hi, I’m Alan Patching with another tip for Transforming Business Minds and Transforming Minds … and in particular in relation in a recent post which addressed behaviour flexibility.

In that recent post I said that the meaning of any communication is really the feedback you get back from that communication.

Clearly, if someone gives you feedback of what you been putting to them in what you said or did is not favourable to them, it’s not something they can relate to, they are responding in a way that you didn’t expect and/or don’t like, then if you have no other way of dealing on that topic with that person, you’re pretty much stuck with a poor relationship situation.

But if you build relationship flexibility, if you practise whenever you have the opportunity, different ways of getting your point of view across, different ways of encouraging, persuading, influencing people, different ways of bonding when you are getting information from other people, then you will build a flexibility or a basis from which you can be flexible in ongoing relationships after that time.

For example: someone might say something to you that upsets you quite severely, but if you build self-awareness to be aware that you are upset and then very quickly say, “hang on a second, the person said it in a way that triggered me off and got me upset, but they may not have meant it that way and maybe they’re responding to something I said or did that triggered them off, so I’m simply going to take a different view instead of saying something like, ‘no you didn’t understand what I mean’, a simple change to ‘oh I’m sorry, I haven’t made myself clear’ can have a completely different interpretation from someone else’s perspective and change their reaction to you.

It’s really, really important to build that flexibility and behaviour and that flexible range of communication style.

Charles Darwin once said that it’s the organism in any eco-system which has the most flexibility that will survive the longest. And I think it’s pretty sure for the business world and everyday life as well. So, build behaviour and communication flexibility, it’s not only a good NLP principle, it’s a great principle for life – success in business and everyday existence as well.

I’m Alan Patching, thanks for watching, we will see you soon on another post.

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