Weight no longer – it’s time to adopt a healthier life style

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01.07     Weight gain following stress
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04.04     Weight loss strategy for busy people

Hello, welcome to Transforming Minds, I’m Alan Patching.

Have you ever stopped to consider some of the ways stress from this mad world we live in today can affect us in terms of health and our performance levels?

It can be scary to think like that.

Just imagine, you’ve worked a hard day; you had difficulty getting all of the work done; the stress levels were high; you get home; there are family commitments.

You have dinner; there’s work to think about; there are also things to do for tomorrow.  You wanted to do that exercise but you didn’t really feel like it so off to bed you go.

It doesn’t take so long of this sort of behaviour before we’re in the routine of squeezing out something that, in the moments of pressure from work and family issues coming up and needing to be dealt with, can lose it’s importance – that’s exercise.

When exercise drops off it becomes harder to do, and the more and more it becomes harder to do, the less and less likely we are to do it – and yet it’s a wonderful balance to the stress that we have in everyday life.

Of course, when this happens, we’re in-taking the same number of calories and we’re not having that exercise component to chew it up and there’s a likelihood that our weight will go up, particularly if we’re eating lots of sugars and simple carbohydrates as opposed to a more healthy diet and a more healthy lifestyle.

As we get older our muscles tend to deteriorate and lose their bulk and their strength and so the very part of our body which chews up the energy and removes the weight all of a sudden becomes less effective in doing it, so we’re eating the same amount of food and putting more and more weight on.

It really, really is necessary to begin looking at this issue in our lives.  Why?

Well the more and more overweight we get, statistics without a doubt show the more prone we are to any number of debilitating, and even sometimes fatal diseases.  The interesting thing is, research in Australia towards the end of the new millennium, showed that people who are overweight or obese tend to have the same attitude to how healthy they might be as those who are in a healthy weight range.

These people don’t even recognise the impact that being overweight or obese can have on them and on their lifestyle and longevity.

Well it’s time for us to really take a look at this.  It’s time for us to start looking at the impact of being overweight and taking positive action to keep weight within a healthy range.
In the weeks and months ahead, on this particular channel of our blog, we’ll be looking at ways to reduce weight which are not just about fad diets and things like this.  We’ll be  helping you realise how we become subconsciously reactive to all the advertising about what we should and shouldn’t be eating – fast food etc. and how easy it is to be well down the track to being overweight before we realise that we should be doing something about it.

We’ll be showing you how you can counter that tendency to respond to advertising in moments of weakness because we’re stressed (and then beginning to eat the wrong food for a quick fix) by getting a little more discipline into our life.   We’ll explain how we can subconsciously overcome those messages from the advertising world by reprogramming our subconscious using some simple hypnotic techniques that can help us get our habits of eating back in to some sort or reasonable pattern so that our lifestyle becomes far more healthy, we begin to lose weight effectively and maintain it within manageable ranges.

I’ll be interviewing people from time to time who are experts in the world of nutrition and the world of exercise.  We’ll look, as we proceed with this channel of the blog, at not just how to lose weight quickly, because that’s not very effective anyway, but how to come up with a strategy for losing weight within the context of an already busy life.  A strategy that’s simple to adhere to but gives you the strength of not just a conscious commitment and a discipline, which sometimes can be hard amongst the day full of discipline, but also engages the power of the subconscious mind to help you deliver on your conscious intent.

It will be an interesting ride ahead as we begin to lose weight, manage ourselves at a reasonable and healthy weight level and enjoy the benefits of health and vitality in our personal life and increased performance because of that in our business life – not to mention reducing significantly the prospects of some of those diseases and ill health issues that we’re likely to get if we continue to remain in an overweight or obese condition.

I look forward to seeing you on future posts in this channel of Transforming Minds.

For now, I’m Alan Patching, thank you for being involved.

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