Weight loss for health – have a simple strategy….and stick to it!

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00.00     Introduction
00.14     Diving into weight loss programmes
01.13     Tips for effective weight release
02.05     Steps in an efficient weight release programme
02.56     Use the power of your sub-conscious mind
04.08     The power of goal visualization
04.36     Gather a support team around you
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Let’s address some very effective tips for embarking on a weight loss and management programme.

Hi, I’m Alan Patching and this is Transforming Minds.

Quite often people dive right into weight loss programmes.  Maybe it’s a competitive thing  – perhaps with friends, sometimes there’s a wedding coming up and people think, ‘I’ve got to fit into a dress or a suit, and therefore I need to lose 9 kilos in two weeks’.

It’s all ineffective and probably not healthy.

We need to be looking at a plan where we have a strategic approach to weight loss – a discipd approach with as much support system as we can have going for us; and we need to be looking at losing weight in a healthy way at a healthy rate of between a half a kilo and say one and a half kilos per week.

If we do that and, as we do it, develop new and more healthy lifestyle choices and patterns, then we’ll develop the ability to maintain a weight (when we get to it) that we want to remain at.  But if we try to get there quickly or try to get there by fancy starvation diets, we’re simply not going to stick to the routine.  That’s been proven time and time again.  You’ve probably proven it to yourself if you’re watching or reading this blog.

So here’s a couple of tips, right off the bat, for weight loss.

First of all,if you’re thinking about it now, don’t start tomorrow.  Have a couple of days thinking about it; make it something important in your mind.

Determine what is it’s priority in your life.  You want to lose weight but does that mean you’re prepared to eat a certain type of food, regardless of whether you happen to go to grand restaurants etc.?

How would you have to change your lifestyle so you’re not tempted by too much of the wrong foods too often?

Ask yourself is there a group that’s so focused on health that they’d work with me and maybe even join me on this campaign to lose weight and be more healthy?

And more importantly ask, ‘…are friends going to laugh at me or support me when I begin this campaign?’

These are important questions even if they may seem obvious.

Following are the sort of things that I’d be doing if I was launching into a weight management campaign tomorrow:

First of all, make a decision and commit to it, but don’t just do it verbally in a bypassing sort of a manner – write a contract for yourself.  Perhaps something like….

‘I, John Doe, commit to John Doe in this formal contract that I will lose weight at a rate of 1 kilogram per week (or half a kilo – whatever it might be) until I maintain the weight of (here write target weight). My end goal weight is X kilograms and my interim objective is to attain  (here write interim weight goal) kilograms by (date).

Set some milestones for yourself.  These might be a weight to achieve by three weeks from now, six weeks from now etc. You can measure your progress against these.

Don’t set the goal to high so that you fail and then drop the campaign.  Set it at an achievable and sustainable rate of loss – which is probably the healthy approach anyway.

So first of all having strong and clear goals is very important.  Now, another important thing in relation to goals is sending the message to your subconscious mind to get it working with you to achieve what you consciously are setting as your strategy and goal.  And nothing works better than buying an outfit of clothes – and I think buying is better (if you can afford i) than just taking some out of the wardrobe – that will fit you only when you get to your goal weight.

Now don’t just buy them and put them in a cupboard and wait, hang these things up and put them in very, very clear and motivating positions in your house.

For example, put them (before breakfast) on the wall near your shaving mirror or dressing mirror or wherever you look when your cleaning your teeth or whatever, so that it reminds you ‘I’m going to have a healthy breakfast’.

Better still, put them in the kitchen; hang them on the pantry door; hang them near the refrigerator; hang them anywhere strategic – so that when you go occasionally for those snacks that you really don’t need, you get a choice …. the snack or the reminder, ‘hey, I’m on a mission here and I need to have a little discipline if I’m going to achieve that goal’.

Very, very important.

So first have the strategy.

Next, get the clothes that you’ll wear when you’ve achieved the strategy.

Frequently visualise yourself at your goal weight, in those clothes,feeling fantastic, people around you giving you all the praise in the world for having achieved your goal.

And don’t think of it in terms ‘I will do it, I will’.  Think of it in terms, ‘I have done it, I’m there, this is what I look like, this is what I feel like’.  It’ll give so much energy at the subconscious level to the conscious strategic goals you’ve set for yourself.

The final tip for this post – enlist supporters.  Tell as many people as you can what you’re doing

If anyone you approach ‘knocks’ you, simply leave them off your list of supporters.

You need to tell as many people as possible who are going to support you and say, ‘well done, hang in there’, and be your mentors and your extra coaches along the way.

Did you see the Olympics recently in London, or maybe some other Olympics or big sporting event?

Did you notice how many athletes after their race talk about how they’re spurred on by the crowd cheering for them?

You want your own crowd cheering for you.

These are simple, yet advanced tips on how to set the strategy and get on the right path to begin losing weight effectively and maintaining weight healthily,

We’ll look at further tips, some of them more advanced in nature, and have interviews with experts in the field in future posts.

If you’d to be notified when those posts hit the site, just leave your details in the form at the top and we’ll be happy to send you that email notification.

For now, I hope you enjoyed this post and find it useful.  Go ahead put it to use. It’ll work for you.  It has for others.

I’m Alan Patching, thank you for watching.

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