Developing the mindset to move beyond life’s challenges and obstacles

Highlights of this information update:
00.00     Introduction
00.42     Stress
01.18     Various types of anxiety
01.54     Issues from being overweight
02.26     Sleep related problems
02.56     The importance of relationships
03.50     Future blog format – have your issues addressed
04.48     Effects of stress on fertility

Our purpose with this blog is to help you improve your life and enjoy better experiences – think of here as a kind of self-improvement central.

There are so many issues in life that can get in the way of us achieving what we want to achieve and enjoying the life we want to enjoy.

Welcome to Transforming Minds – a blog post that’s designed to help you deal with these issues effectively to enjoy a better life.

My name is Alan Patching.

In the weeks and months ahead I’ll be bringing you information via this blog in both video and written form, and also an audio podcast attached, on probably a weekly basis, and this information will cover a number of areas that can really make a difference in your life.

For sure we’ll be addressing the big one these days – stress and anxiety

The world is going at such a pace.  We’re expected to do so much more in so little time, it just becomes overwhelming.

We’ll be looking at the structure of stress and how to deconstruct it effectively so it has less effect on our life, because the ultimate effect of stress if we get to much of it, is disease. So dealing with stress cuts out a lot of the potential disease that we could suffer.

In addition to stress, of course, some people have gone beyond just experiencing stress to being in a state of anxiety. We’ll be looking at the five major aspects of anxiety, or types of anxiety, and we’ll be looking at them in detail and helping you move beyond them if you have problems in those areas.

In particular we’ll look at Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, various Specific Phobias, and other areas.

We want to be able to help you move beyond anxiety to enjoy a much better life, a much better career etc.

We’ll be looking in rather great detail at weight and being overweight and the problems that can cause and in particular, we’re going to emphasise the use not so much of diet and the like – there’s plenty been written in those areas in numerous books and numerous websites – we’re going to be addressing the area of my expertise which is using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to deal with the root causes of why we tend to put weight on and in so doing, we hope to be able to help you lose weight effectively and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to that, another major area in today’s world is problems of sleep.

Stress and various other intrusions in our life prevent us sometimes from getting a good nights sleep.  Some people don’t have a problem, while others have trouble getting to sleep, trouble staying asleep, or perhaps just waking in the morning not feeling all that energetic.

We’ll be looking at ways that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and be in a better position to perform during the day in a way that’s enjoyable and effective for you, both in life and career.

We’ll be looking at relationships. Relationships really are the basis of all society. Relationship is the basis of family, it’s the basis of business, it’s the basis of effective career via having relationships within our business environment.

If we get relationships wrong we get so much more of our life wrong.

But today, once again, the stressors and the expectations – sometimes the unrealistic expectations – that we find upon us get in the way of us being able to deal with our relationships effectively.

We will be giving you advice to help you avoid relationship problems and, to the extent that they develop either in your business or in your personal life, we will be giving you skills and approaches to moving on and getting beyond the obstacles to an effective and fruitful relationship in various aspects of your life.

From time to time we’ll be addressing issues that you raise.  My intention is to be posting on this blog in short form for six minutes say, at least once per week. But once per month, perhaps even once a fortnight, depending on your requests, I’ll be posting a larger bit of information if you like, and that will be a post of between twenty and forty-five minutes that addresses one or two issues in much greater depth.

These topics will be chosen based on your feedback and comments – the things that you want to know more about.  So please let me know about that, either by commenting on the post in the space provided below.

In any case if you’d like to receive a one line email advice that a new post has been made just add your name to the list by putting your email address in the space above.

In the weeks and month ahead I intend to be addressing the issues that can really make a difference in your life.

Allow me to finish with just one aspect that may be of special interest to some of you.  Some people go through life tied up with work, a heck of a lot of business, and they get into their mid-thirties, sometime earlier, sometimes later, and say it’s time to have a family, and then they have difficulty, and when this occurs it can be very stressful for them.

One of the most interesting and passionate areas of my clinical life has been in the area of using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to enhance the prospects of a good outcome from IVF processes for those facing fertility challenges.  We also use these same approaches for people who are facing fertility challenges but as yet have not gone the IVF assistance route.

So, if you’re in that boat, keep looking ahead to the blog posts for our ‘IVF Assist’ channel where we’ll be specifically addressing that issue because it’s so important for so many people today.

Finally, of course, when people do get pregnant, many of them like to have a birth that’s comfortable and as short as possible and without drugs, so we’ll be giving some advice from the world of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy on how you can do exactly that.

Well, this is the first post from this channel of our blog site, and I look forward to seeing you in the weeks and months ahead, in the various posts we’ll be making in these and other channels to do with Transforming Minds for an enhanced life and career.

For now, I’m Alan Patching, thanks for watching or reading.

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